Frequently Asked Questions

Which banks are supported?

Please see the list of supported banks .

How secure is my data?

Your data is always encrypted when being transmitted and stored. Your account credentials are never sent to our servers - they are handled by the secure third party provider Basiq. This is the same approach that YNAB uses for banks they support.

Are you a part of YNAB?

No, we are a separate company. We have however worked with YNAB and are approved to use their API. You can see the site listed on their Works With YNAB page.

How long do transactions take to show in YNAB?

Transactions are typically shown within one business day. However, this is dependent the specific bank. Transactions that are marked as pending by your bank are not shown. Once the transaction is no longer pending it will be shown in your budget.

How often are transactions synced?

Transactions are synced multiple times during the day between 5am - 9pm AEDT.

I've created an account and it says everything is OK but I see no transactions in YNAB

After completing your account setup an initial sync is run. After the initial sync transactions are synced periodically between 5am - 6pm. You can manually force a sync in the Settings menu up to once per hour (automatic syncs count towards the once per hour limitation). Only cleared transactions are imported.

Why are pending transactions not shown?

Pending transactions can change and be removed, disrupting your budget. Support for pending transactions are planned to be added at a future date.

Can I sync multiple budgets?

Yes! You can choose to sync any bank account to any YNAB budget.

Do you support multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor authentication is supported for your account with us for both username/password accounts and Sign in with Google accounts. We recommend allusers enable multi-factor authentication to provide the best security for your account.